Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

I have started off 2014 with some sewing.  And by sewing, let me just interject that I mean that liberally to include reading or watching sites about sewing; straightening my sewing room, etc.

Well, I embroidered a very nice towel that I got this past October from, All About Blanks, who are also one of my favorite visitors to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo.  The latter was in Fredericksburg, VA this year rather than Chantilly, and once I got there, I was sold on Fredericksburg for life.  (They have ruined the Dulles Expo.)  There is a Wegman's grocery store and about three or four hotels right next door to the Fredericksburg one.  Anyway, I digress.

Before making the towel, I took the time to assemble and set up my "new" Brother SA503 10-Spool Thread Stand , which I actually bought last year and had yet to use.  It's compatible with the Baby Lock Ellisimo and is an incredible time-saver!

The dishtowels I bought have a bottom trim like the picture below.  I got a couple with black trim, a couple with brown trim, and a couple with a green and red Christmas plaid trim. 

I'm very proud of the towel I made because this time I did some more sophisticated embroidery editing than I have done in the past.   

I combined a Christmas tree ornament with a small branch of holly.  I rotated the ornament 20 degrees to the side and and made a mirror image of the holly, so that the holly was on either side at the base of the ornament.

 DH liked it and wanted to claim it for us, but was satisfied with the promise of another!  This will be a gift for my colleague at work.

And in other news, I am currently working on a bat-wing top from a Kwik Sew pattern.  Review to come soon.

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

What a fun project! And how sweet that your husband wanted to keep it. I hope your colleague enjoyed the gift.